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Thread: LED Turn signals and brake lights

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    LED Turn signals and brake lights

    So I finally pulled the trigger on switching out the filament turn signal bulbs on my V90 with LEDís and have been pleasantly surprised. Iíve been burned in the past by LEDís that could barely be seen through the lens or that last just a few weeks, but these are incredibly bright, a pleasant color, and perform above expectations:

    Lumenģ - Volvo V90 1997-1998 Rear Turn Signal LED Bulbs

    Theyíre pricey, but IMO, worth it. I did have to add resistors to each fixture to correct hyper-blinking, but no big deal.
    Next is replacing the brake lights, and adding a flashing module to the 3rd brake light to get that super-quick flash effect you see on modern ambulance tail lights. I was able to find one of those relatively easily for a good price.

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    Does that vehicle have a standard type flasher unit? You can replace them with solid state flashers instead of adding load to the circuit.. Solid state units use a timer instead of being load based. The only downside to solid state units are not blinking faster if a bulb fails, which probably will happen with the led+resistor setup anyway..

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